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    Jan Herzberg is an artist from Hamburg, Germany. He includes mixed methods and materials in his artwors, such as oil on canvas, collage techniques, airbrush, coal, drawings, enamel, watercolors and many more.

    Jan's art works are often minutely detailed, spectators have to see the work from a few feet away but also need to come really close to appreciate both the details of his pieces, as well as obtaining a general impression. Interestingly, the imagery from a close perspective can be very different compared to the holistic view. This leaves spectators stunned and in a state of curious wondering.

    His works express sadness and optimism, often connecting images of a distant past with visions of the future. It is never clear whether the past depicted is real or imaginary. By the same token, his art work leaves the beholder suspensefully wondering what might come next.



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    E-mail: art@janherzberg.com

    Twitter: @JanHerzberg

    Facebook: facebook.com/janherzbergkunst

Jan Herzberg
Jan Herzberg Art
Jan Herzberg Art
Jan Herzberg Art

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About me

I'm an artist from Hamburg, Germany. I mainly paint on large formats using a variety of techniques. My artistic style runs the gammot between modern, abstract, to classic oil on canvas and coal sketches. Many of my works combine mixed media such as, decoupage, coal/sketching, and painting with oil and acrylic.

I started painting as a young boy, 20 years ago. By daytime I am a medical doctor. I paint whenever I find the time, often throughout the night.

I am inspired by the water, especially the seaport of Hamburg, close to where I live.

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Large Portraits

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